Apple Macbook Air 2020

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In the middle of the pandemic, when there are no events being held and all the Apple stores are closed…

Apple have released their updated Macbook Air 2020


Gone are the butterfly keys that caused Apple no end of problems in the previous versions, the scissor keys are back. Personally, I never liked the feel of the butterfly keys anyway, so it is nice to go back to scissor keys.

Touch ID

One of the things that the Macbook Pro had that the Air didn’t was a Touch ID button, so now there is a button you can pay for stuff with a fingerprint securely rather than using potentially insecure payment with bank cards.

10th gen Intel processor

Bumping up to the 10th gen processor family offers a performance boost along with the Iris graphics.

256GB - 2TB SSD

In earlier models, the base storage capacity was 128GB, and in this version they have doubled it to 256GB.

8GB RAM, configurable to 16GB (not user upgradeable)


Apple now sell the Macbook Air in gold (which looks rose gold to me), space grey and silver.


Intel Core i3 dual core 1.1GHz processor (upgradeable to 1.1GHz i5 quad core for £100, 1.2GHz i7 quad core for £250)

8GB RAM (upgradeable to 16GB for £200)

256GB SSD (upgradeable to 512GB for £200, 1TB for £400 & 2TB for £800)

£999 or £1299 if you want a preconfigured Core i5 with 512GB SSD.

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