Learn to create web pages

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These days anyone can create a website (a site containing web pages) from a template site such as Wix.com and have a website that looks exactly the same as everyone else.

Alternatively, you can create a website that looks unique and works your way and loads a lot quicker than a template site, then you need to learn some of the 3 languages to achieve that goal.

Learn the languages

There are three main languages of a web page:

  1. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language provides the content of the web page and defines what the content of the web page is. Like what is a heading, a link, etc.
  2. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets provide the look of the web page. HTML provides the bare bones for the CSS to make it look good.
  3. JavaScript – JavaScript adds dynamic function to a web page, it is a programming language that runs on the web browser.

Learn by experimentation

W3Schools is the place to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with other web components. You can use Codepen to test out what you have learnt and see the changes happen in real time. If you sign up with them, you can save your code for next time.

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