Windows 10 Update 1909

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Microsoft has released their November update for Windows 10, version 1909. This discontinues support for versions 1803 and 1809.

If you are running an old version (such as 1803 or 1809) you will need to upgrade to 1903 before attempting 1909.

What does the November 2019 update give me?

Considering that the November 2019 ends support for two previous updates (leaving 1903 still supported), this update is pretty sparse in what it actually offers.

It does speed up shutdown time and makes Windows 10 slightly more responsive, as well as allowing 3rd party speech recognition apps to work with the lock screen.

There is an improved Sandbox feature, that I can see not many people using.

Also, there are enhancements for enterprise customers in the realm of Virtual Desktop and Office 365 Pro Plus tie ins.

There is also support for Containers, which are a lighter version of a Virtual Machine (with a Virtual Machine, you are providing a whole computer for the VM, whereas a container just gets some storage space and processor time)

The November 2019 update does extend support for the latest Intel and AMD processors that the previous versions can’t support because they were too new.

Any problems with the November 2019 update?

Windows Explorer search box hangs in the November 2019 update, a bug that I’m sure will be resolved soon.

You can use Windows Search to search for things, as that works fine.

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